Articles by Amanda Smith

Understanding Your FERS Disability Retirement Eligibility

If you are no longer able to perform your job at a productive level, whether you are a current federal employee or have just left your agency within the past year, you may be…

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Lawyer explains Baldwinsville superintendent termination hearing process

New York — A lawyer in education law has explained the process of an impartial hearing, revolving around the possible termination of Baldwinsville Superintendent Jason Thomson.…

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Appeal over wrestler’s eligibility filed against Indian River Central School District, Section III

Dec. 23—PHILADELPHIA — An appeal to the state education commissioner is in the works over an Indian River Central School District student who is now deemed ineligible to…

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Judge Suspends Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate Nationwide

R. Stan Baker, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Georgia, issued a 28-page ruling following a preliminary injunction for contractors and subcontractors in Kentucky,…

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Employers must ensure compliance with harassment prevention training

The failure of former Gov. Andrew Cuomo to acknowledge he took part in sexual harassment prevention training — regulations that he signed into law — underscores the oversight…

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