Articles by Heather Tenney

What Military Medical Providers Need to Know About Adverse Privileging Actions and Quality Assurance Investigations?

The Department of Defense employs civilians, contractors, and service members to provide medical and mental health care to dependents, military members, and retirees/veterans. Of…

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What Service Members and former Service Members Need to Know About Government Debt Collection

Service members are entitled to pay and various allowances and benefits, as well as special incentives, scholarships, or bonuses. However, sometimes errors or changes in…

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Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 – What Veterans Should Know?

Recently, Congress passed the Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 which allows veterans, their family members, and others who were stationed, worked or resided on the Marine Corps…

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What You Need to Know About Your SBP Benefits

Unfortunately, military retirement pay stops after the death of the retiree. What this means is that a military veteran could devote their entire career and life to their service,…

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How to Prevent an ROTC Disenrollment

No Cadet or Midshipmen joins the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) with the thought that they will face disenrollment. However, many can fall victim to losing their future…

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Federal laws keep marijuana illegal for military personnel, despite state legalization

Even as medical and recreational use of marijuana becomes legal for those over 21 in many states, U.S. military personnel face severe consequences if they use marijuana or other…

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Military personnel beware: A domestic violence conviction could derail your military career

Military personnel and veterans are often faced with multiple deployments, family separation and reintegration, demanding workloads at home and on duty, head trauma, mental…

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