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Can feds preserve telework as a reasonable accommodation?

So you’re wondering if telework can count as a reasonable accommodation? Assuming you’re not just trying to juke the system into letting you keep working remotely after your…

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Federal appeals court upholds injunction against administration’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors

A federal appeals court has affirmed an injunction against enforcing Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for those who work for federal contractors, providing a…

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How Does Telework Affect The Hatch Act? Election Season Do’s and Don’ts

The midterms are fast approaching and federal employees who are teleworking full or part time might be wondering if that affects their compliance with the Hatch Act. Shortly after…

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What Federal Contractors Should Know About Vaccine Mandates

In August, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidance changing Covid-19 safety protocols for federal employees and agencies. The Safer Federal…

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Does the Hatch Act Apply to You? Election Season Do’s and Don’ts

With the fall season comes football, pumpkin-flavored everything and Election Day. This year it’s the highly anticipated midterm elections, and federal employees may be…

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GovExec Daily: How the Revised CDC Guidelines Will Affect Feds

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control announced new guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety rules. According to the White House’s Safer Federal Workforce Task Force,…

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The vaccine mandate arguments keep rolling on and on

Most people — but not everyone — might have forgotten about the COVID-vaccine-mandate for federal employees. Those against the mandate are still battling in court and the next…

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GovExec Daily: Will the Vaccine Mandate Discipline Ever Begin?

Last year, President Joe Bides mandated federal workers to be fully vaccinated or request a medical or religious exemption by late november, but the deadline was pushed back, both…

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What the Restoration of Quorum at the MSPB Means for Federal Employees

For the first time in five years, the Merit Systems Protection Board finally restored a governing quorum following the Senate approval of two of President Biden’s three nominees…

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A federal employment attorney assesses the impact of having a Merit Systems Protection Board

After two years of total vacancy, the Merit Systems Protection Board now has two of its three members, enough to make decisions that stick. The board is where feds who feel they…

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