Articles by Stephanie Rapp-Tully

Biden scrambles to defeat the surging virus, salvage agenda

President Biden on Thursday forced federal workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine and compelled private employers to crack down, too, as he resorts to heavy measures in a scramble to…

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Federal Contractors Will Have a Vaccine Mandate Similar to Federal Employees

President Biden will sign an executive order on Thursday to require federal contractors to be vaccinated against COVID-19, alongside their federal employee colleagues. Biden will…

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VERIFY: Is it legal for the federal government to mandate vaccines for federal, private employees?

WASHINGTON — Nearly nine months after the first COVID-19 vaccine was approved for emergency use, President Biden announced that tens millions of American workers will now be…

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Federal managers seek hard info on COVID-19 testing plans

Frontline agency managers and executives have questions about how they’ll implement the Biden administration’s vaccination and testing requirements, they said in an…

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When Federal Employees Lie About Covid-19 Vaccination Status

Federal employees are subject to harsh consequences if they lie about their Covid-19 vaccine status, says Stephanie Rapp-Tully, partner at Tully Rinckey PLLC, who specializes in…

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What the FDA’s new vaccine approval could mean for federal employee vaccine mandates

There’s still a lot of confusion about exactly how agencies will implement President Biden’s mandate for all federal workers to get vaccinated or subject themselves to COVID…

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GovExec Daily: The Legal Implications of the Biden COVID-19 Mandate for Feds

As part of its vaccine-or-testing mandate for on-site federal employees, the Biden administration is instructing agencies to establish their own COVID-19 testing programs, either…

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Unvaccinated federal employees will face discipline for refusing coronavirus testing at work

Federal employees who are not fully vaccinated will face discipline if they refuse to be tested for the coronavirus when reporting to work in person, the Biden administration…

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U.S. Contractors Grapple With Biden Vaccine Proof or Test Order

Businesses with federal contracts are scrambling to comply with a White House order requiring their employees to prove they’re vaccinated against Covid-19 or regularly undergo…

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Biden: Onsite Contractors Must Attest to Vaccine Status or Be Subject to Restrictions

President Biden announced on Thursday that onsite federal contractors, as well as federal employees, must attest to their coronavirus vaccination status or be subject to…

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