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New Military Mandate On COVID Vaccine Sparks Some Hesitation, But Others Welcome It

Colorado’s military service members are reacting to a new mandate by the U.S. military that they get a COVID-19 vaccine. The Pentagon said Monday that it will require members of…

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Mandatory COVID-19 vaccine means troops have one more prick to deal with

All U.S. service members will be required to get the novel coronavirus (COVD-19) vaccine made by the drug manufacturer Pfizer. And yes, that means you too, Marines. On Monday, the…

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Can the President Force Members of our Military to Take the Experimental COVID Vaccine?

This is a question that is yet to be answered, but tens of thousands of service members across the world want to know. Of course, the answer is “It depends.” For many service…

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Pentagon Mandates Vaccines For Troops

Despite the Pentagon’s assertion that the COVID-19 vaccine will help with military readiness, attorney Anthony Kuhn acknowledges that there will be service members who do not…

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Lawyer discusses impact of military vaccine mandate

Attorney Anthony Kuhn, managing partner at Tully Rinckey PLLC, joined CBSN to discuss U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s plan to require COVID-19 vaccinations for…

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US troops who decline to get COVID-19 vaccine face legal trouble

NORFOLK, Va. — In his memo to the nation’s 1.4 million active military members, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said he will ask President Joe Biden for permission to…

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Troops can seek exemptions to vaccines for health, religious reasons, others could be punished for refusing shots

WASHINGTON — Troops can apply for an exemption to the pending coronavirus vaccine mandate for certain health conditions or religious reasons, but others will face punishment for…

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Here’s what will happen to US troops who refuse mandatory COVID-19 vaccines

Once vaccines for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) become mandatory, U.S. service members could face a range of punishments including administrative separation and court-martial…

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Proposed vaccine mandate for active duty military members could face legal hurdles

FORT HOOD, Texas — The proposed vaccine mandate of active duty service men and woman, including soldiers at Fort Hood, is getting a lot of pushback from those who feel the…

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When will marijuana be federally legal and what would it mean for troops, clearance holders?

You might have read recent comments by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas regarding the legalization of marijuana. His comments were likely an indication of what justices might…

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