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VA rule change could mean health care benefits for a million more veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs has made a major change in the rules for veterans who left military service with other-than honorable discharges. It opens the possibility of…

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Marijuana Reclassification Could Pave Way to Medicinal Use for Clearance Holders

Earlier this week, reports circulated that the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) would move to reclassify marijuana. First reported by The Associated Press, it…

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I Broke the Law; Can I Still Obtain a Security Clearance?

Many security clearance applicants are stuck with the dilemma of having to disclose embarrassing and sometimes illegal behavior that they hoped to keep secret. Some have secretly…

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Saving For Your Future Could Cost You Your Present: How Marijuana Investments Could Cost You Your Security Clearance

With the economy beginning to recover to its pre-pandemic levels, financial wellness has been at the top of mind for many working Americans. This is echoed by recent Gallup poll…

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Can My Military Discharge be Upgraded?

Thousands of service members across all branches have been involuntarily separated from their military branch following misconduct that has resulted in an administrative…

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Can I Get a Security Clearance if I Smoked Marijuana?

One of the most common questions heard from cleared employees is: “I purchased, smoked, or consumed marijuana. Is there any chance I can obtain or maintain my security…

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VETCON brings veteran entrepreneurs together

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The annual Veterans in Economic Transition Conference works to connect veteran business owners with work opportunities. Anthony Kuhn, VETCON Chair, said…

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VetCon conference bridges gap for veteran owned businesses and work opportunities

Building community relationships and bridging the gap for disabled veteran business owners is the mission behind a Colonie-based conference called the Veterans in Economic…

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Proposed legislation aims to end remarriage penalty for surviving military spouses

The recently proposed Love Lives On Act could impact thousands of military spouses if enacted. The bipartisan, bicameral legislation would allow the spouses of deceased service…

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Veterans Treatment Courts give vets a second chance

U.S. military veterans have an option to enter into a rehabilitation program if they run into trouble with the law. Veterans Treatment Courts are diversionary courts designed to…

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