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What’s the Difference? Security Clearance Adjudication Process for Department of Defense vs. Department of Energy

For individuals who must go through the security clearance adjudication process, for any organization or Agency, it can be confusing.  Each person attempting to obtain a security…

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Blunt truth: No ‘significant changes’ for federal employees if Biden administration reclassifies marijuana

The Biden administration and Congress are both taking steps to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug — but the blunt truth is that these efforts would have much less of…

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e-QIP vs. eAPP: What’s the Difference?

For individuals who must go through the security clearance adjudication process, each individual attempting to obtain a security clearance must have a sponsor. Once a sponsor is…

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Extra Time: Looming Shutdown Grows Larger

NEW YORK (WABC) — Time is quickly running out to avert a federal government shutdown that threatens to halt paychecks for government employees and military troops. The…

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Security Clearances: Adjudication Process for DOD Contractors vs. Military and Civilian Employees

For individuals who must go through the security clearance adjudication process, it can be a nervous and confusing process. Each individual attempting to obtain a security…

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Foreign Contact Reporting Requirements for Security Clearance Holders

The reporting of contacts, specifically foreign contacts, for clearance holders is of the utmost importance for continued access authorization. All security clearance holders have…

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Federal Charges Against Air National Guardsman Allege He Spent Months Leaking Highly Sensitive Intelligence

A 21-year-old Air National Guardsman was hit with federal charges Friday, accused of unauthorized retention, removal and transmission of national defense information and…

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Reapplying for a Security Clearance After a Denial or Revocation

“I will never be able to get a security clearance again after this denial.” That is a common thought that many people feel after having a clearance denied or revoked. However,…

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What is a Loss of Jurisdiction and How Can it Impact My Security Clearance?

A loss of jurisdiction in the security clearance adjudication process can be a major red flag for employers and potential sponsors for a security clearance. According to the…

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How the Cancellation of 6 Billion Dollars in Student Loan Debt Will Impact Your Security Clearance

Delinquent student loan debt is a major concern that could negatively impact your security clearance if you do not take action to resolve it. Delinquent student loan debt in…

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