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Extra Time: Looming Shutdown Grows Larger

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NEW YORK (WABC) — Time is quickly running out to avert a federal government shutdown that threatens to halt paychecks for government employees and military troops.

The threat of this has happened before, many times, but this time it’s getting people pretty nervous as Washington seems to be playing political games.

If Congress fails to pass a funding measure by Saturday, the government will shut down on Sunday. Right now, there is no plan in place to prevent that.

There are more than 81,800 federal workers in the Tri-state area. More than 51,000 are in New York, more than 21,000 are in New Jersey and more than 8,000 are in Connecticut.

Ryan Nerney, a partner at Tully Rinckey specializing in federal employment law, joined Extra Time with more on the shutdown’s potential impact.

Sen. Menendez faces fellow senators in Washington, D.C.

One day after facing a federal judge on corruption and bribery charges, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez faced his fellow democratic senators in Washington D.C. Many of his colleagues, including Cory Booker, who serves as New Jersey’s junior senator and has worked alongside Menendez for nearly a decade, are calling for his resignation. On Thursday, a closed-door luncheon was held with the party caucus in the Mansfield Room, providing a chance for the senator to hold onto those members who have not called on him to step down. Menendez continued to emphasize that he is staying put.

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