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New York gives birth to Paid Surrogacy

As of February 2021, New York joined the majority of states that allow for parties to contract and pay for a third party to carry their child to birth. Many years ago, New York…

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The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2021 Sinks Service member’s Appellate Rights

As we enter 2021, a significant number of high profile newsworthy events have occurred including the Presidential administration of Donald Trump leaving office and the…

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Court Trials in the Days of COVID: How Courts and Litigants are Proceeding

The COIVD-19 pandemic has forced courts to adapt new procedures and policies in order to make proceedings safe but productive. For people looking to pursue legal action, there are…

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Immigration Alert: New Executive Orders from The Biden Administration

“Revisions to Interpretation of the Public Charge Rule President Biden issued an executive order directing federal agencies to immediately review the regulations and policy…

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Biden Administration Executive Order Update

Updated Travel Restrictions and Required Covid 19 Tests: The Biden Administration has issued an executive order reinstating the prior Administration’s travel restrictions for…

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CDC Requiring Negative COVID-19 Test For Anyone Traveling to the U.S. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expanding the requirement for a negative COVID-19 test to all air passengers entering the United States. This is to address the…

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COVID-19, Foster Care and Visitation

Since March of this year New York has been in various stages of lock-down or has imposed other restrictions on the population’s everyday life. As everyone has experienced, this…

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The Return of COVID and the Courts

COVID-19 is back!  And the outbreak is once again greatly affecting the country, and most heavily, New York State, New York State Courts and Federal Courts.  The Supreme Courts…

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Default Judgments of Divorce in the Time of COVID-19

Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a spouse was able to receive a Judgment of Divorce even if the other spouse defaulted or chose not to participate in the divorce…

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New EEOC Guidance May Permit Employers to Require FDA-Approved COVID-19 Vaccine in Limited Circumstances

On December 16, 2020, in the wake of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) emergency use authorization for the first COVID-19 vaccine, the EEOC delivered new guidance as to…

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