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VA wades into abortion battle with contentious new rule

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is wading into tense territory with a new rule essentially making the agency an abortion provider, facing the wrath of GOP lawmakers and…

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Rep. Roy, Others Call for Ending Military COVID Vaccine Mandate

The Pentagon’s own inspector general says the military moved too fast in denying religious exemptions from the COVID vaccine mandate, fueling calls by Texas Congressman Chip…

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Twice Accused of Sexual Assault, He Was Let Go by Army Commanders. He Attacked Again.

Ochoa spent 103 days in pretrial confinement. She stopped eating, barely slept and was losing her hair and eyelashes. In November, after her initial trial date was pushed back by…

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Senate appropriators propose to repeal Hyde, add tens of billions to Defense budget

Senate appropriators proposed last week an end to a four-decade-old provision that restricts the government from funding abortions and, in turn, could expand reproductive care for…

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Military COVID Vaccine Mandate Poses National Security Risk

The Pentagon still won’t drop its COVID vaccine mandate, potentially crippling the national guard and putting U.S. citizens at risk. Houston attorney and former Army captain…

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Army Doctor Whistleblower: One of My Patients Was Treated for Suicidal Thoughts After His COVID-19 Vax Exemption Was Rescinded

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, interviewed Maj. Samuel Sigoloff, an Army doctor dismissed from his position at the Bliss Army Health…

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Retired JAG: Officers Forcing out Unvaxxed Military Pers Could Be Guilty of Following, Issuing an ‘Unlawful Order’

McCabe: Big Army’s June 30th deadline has passed for all members of the Army National Guard to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. So upwards of 40,0000 guardsmen, including more than…

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Limited Abortions Will Continue On DOD Bases Despite Roe v. Wade Reversal

Defense Department facilities will continue to perform some abortions in states that ban the procedure, the Pentagon announced Tuesday. The June 28 memo from Gilbert Cisneros, the…

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Military Doctor Facing Discharge for Giving Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

A U.S. military doctor has been reprimanded and could be discharged because of his opposition to the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. U.S. Army Maj. Samuel Sigoloff, a…

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Troops at Some Bases to See Abortion Access Sharply Curtailed or Eliminated After the Fall of Roe

The Supreme Court’s decision Friday to overturn constitutional protection for abortion will limit or outlaw the procedure in several states with large military populations,…

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