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Indeed layoffs: Austin employees who were laid off may have lawsuit, attorney says

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An attorney said Indeed employees who were laid off this week may have a lawsuit. The CEO of Indeed announced they’re laying off 1,000 people, some in Austin.

“It just kind of came out of nowhere,” former Indeed employee Samuel Marino Jr. said.

Samuel Marino was a software engineer at Indeed for about eight years.

“My email finally came through that said I was impacted,” Marino said.

He was one of more than 2,000 people laid off in 2023.

“I was just naïve in thinking that it wouldn’t happen just because the company had been around for a while and hasn’t resorted to this,” Marino said.

On Monday, the CEO of Indeed announced they’re cutting another 1,000 people, including people in Austin.

“Internally, Indeed was always looking for what the next product was and everything, and I remember all the initiatives being about one product or another trying to get it going and see if it’s a moneymaker, so I would just speculate that they’re not making enough,” Marino said.

The CEO said the cuts last year were because of a cool down in the overall job market and demand for its technology. He said the layoffs this time are to simplify the organization to make it easier and faster to make decisions and help to more effectively grow revenue and hires.

“It seems like the CEO jumped the gun,” Tully Rinckey PLLC managing partner Sean Timmons said.

Legislation requires businesses with 100 or more full-time workers to issue a WARN notice 60 days before a plant closure or mass layoff.

“I don’t know if Indeed is in compliance with the WARN Act the way they’ve arbitrarily done this, so they’re probably going to face significant litigation,” Timmons said.

Timmons warns against signing anything.

“You may actually have legal rights in excess of the severance being offered,” Timmons said.

Indeed would not provide the number of people who were being laid off this go around in Austin.

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