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Commercial property disputes, such as arguments over boundary lines, encroachment, or overuse of shared resources, should never be ignored or brushed off as an annoyance. Failing to take action could result in a loss of property rights, investigations by city planners and other officials, and possible litigation.

The corporate and commercial law attorneys at Tully Rinckey PLLC are prepared to aggressively protect your personal or corporate interests in any property dispute. We’ll take the time to investigate your issue, explain what’s at stake, and represent your business before an administrative board or in court.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with creative and practical resolutions in complex boundary disputes involving easements, encroachment, nuisance, adverse possession, and other issues. Examples include:

  • Fences straying from boundary lines onto adjoining property
  • Overuse of shared resources
  • Impacts on other property owners’ land, water, or wells
  • Improvements or structures standing too close to or over property lines
  • Overgrown trees and landscaping spread
  • Encroaching driveways, patios, and overhangs
  • Neighbors using adjoining property owner’s land or right of way

Protect your property rights today with proven representation from a Tully Rinckey attorney. Our tireless team draws on a deep well of resources to make sure your property dispute is settled fairly and to your satisfaction, and without disruptions to your ongoing business.

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