Albany Business Disputes


The attorneys at Tully Rinckey understand that business owners can face an array of legal issues. For example, issues can arise where individuals contemplate a business deal and may even agree on certain terms. When the deal fails to materialize or one party reneges, is there a claim for breach of contract? Was one party fraudulently induced into the contract? Is the contract enforceable? Is there a valid defense to the claim, such as the Statute of Frauds, the statute of limitations, or other?

Perhaps a third person interfered. Did the conduct rise to the level of tortious interference with the contract or prospective contract? What damages are recoverable and what proof is required to prevail?

Likewise, closely held businesses, partnerships, and limited liability companies may experience internal disagreements among the partners or members over managing or expanding the business or over compensation. The sale of a business may give rise to disputes. Partnerships can dissolve, leading to disputes over how debt and proceeds are divided. Such disputes may affect the livelihood of the business and the individuals involved. Trade secrets may be in issue. Time and money can be a factor.

Business disputes can lead to claims of defamation, breach of contract, misrepresentation, or fraud. The attorneys at Tully Rinckey understand that these types of issues can arise and are well versed in evaluating, litigating and resolving business disputes with the goal of achieving best possible outcome for the client.

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