Spice Court Martial Cases


Spice is an herbal “designer drug” that can mimic the effect of marijuana. Until recently, it was legal for use by United States service members. However, recent scheduling changes have made the use of this drug a crime. Active duty service members who test positive for the drug face significant penalties. Unfortunately, the tests for this, and other similar drugs, can have unreliable results. In addition, some “designer drugs” may be sold as incense, increasing your risk of unintentional exposure.

If you are facing a court martial case involving alleged use of spice, the military law attorneys at Tully Rinckey PLLC stand ready to provide you with aggressive representation. As a veteran-owned firm, we understand the complex factors that come into play in such cases and are committed to protecting your rights to a fair hearing.

There are a number of arguments that may be used in your defense in spice court martial proceedings, including:

Our team includes former JAG officers who are intimately familiar with military law and can provide you with in-depth advice in your quest to have your military record cleared.

If you’ve been accused of using spice and face a court martial, the military law attorneys at Tully Rinckey are committed to fighting for your rights. We mount an aggressive defense on your behalf, striving always to protect your standing in the armed forces.

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