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Local law firm flooded with immigration-related questions

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COLONIE, NY (WRGB)–We’re hearing the Trump Administration’s new policies–are making waves within immigrant communities in our area.
The folks at the Tully-Rinckey Law Firm in Colonie tell us they’re being flooded with phone calls, some from clients being picked up by ice and being brought to court.
Attorneys say it’s gotten so bad they’re even telling naturalized citizens to keep their passport with them at all times–so they can prove they’re in the United States legally.
“Clients are just scared to go outside, because they’re afraid they’ll be stopped, and be detained if they have no status. You have to have something in your hand to prove that you’re doing something in the US. Whather it’s an asylum application, or you’re applying for a green card, you’ve got to have some sort of documentation,” said attorney Cienna Freeman.
Attorneys say it’s also important that green card holders keep their green card on them at all times.
It’s the law, and they say those immigrants could get in trouble with ICE if they don’t have it with them.

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