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Local law office warns of an uptick in impaired drivers this weekend

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — St. Patrick’s Day weekend is quickly approaching, as a number of bars should be crowded in the coming days.

Tully and Rinckey Law Office warned of more impaired drivers due to the holiday, and local law enforcement will be cracking down this weekend attempting to take any potential harm off the roads.

The office noted the difference between a DWI and a DWAI, which means driving while impaired by drugs. With marijuana being legalized in New York State, use is allowed, but driving while high is still extremely dangerous and illegal.

“I think there’s this window of misunderstanding. Yes, it’s legal,” said Peter Pullano, managing partner of the Rochester office at Tully Rinckey law.

Yes, you can consume and there are limits as to how much you can possess, but that does not mean you can drive when you’re high,” said Pullano.

DWI’s or DWAI’s can result in serious fines and a number of points on a driver’s license. With today’s services, a designated driver is not the only option. Uber and Lyft are two widely used car services that individuals can use when intoxicated or impaired.

Pullano also added that the holiday won’t be the only reason filling up the bars, citing the second and third rounds of March Madness.

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