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Meet the young attorney rising through the ranks fast in Syracuse

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One 28-year-old Syracuse attorney is rising through the ranks fast.

Sabastian Piedmont is now a Managing Partner at Tully Rinckey’s Syracuse office, just five months after being named Office Leader.

“Being a managing partner at 28 can be intimidating, but I am excited to expand my knowledge of how a nationwide law firm functions and how decisions are made at the upper management level,” he said in a recent conversation with

Educator experience gave young attorney valuable skills to apply in law

Piedmont didn’t always plan on a career in law. He studied at SUNY Brockport to become a high school social studies teacher, serving as a student teacher during his undergrad.

He said teaching full-time gave him an understanding of how the professional environment differs from being a student.

It also provided him with insight into staff-administration dynamics in matters related to labor and employment.

“The experience I gained as an educator has proven to be invaluable to my current education law practice,” said Piedmont.

Upon graduation in 2016, Piedmont decided to enroll in law school, marking the start of his legal career.

He enrolled at the Syracuse University College of Law, receiving his Juris Doctor and National Security and Counterterrorism Law Certificate of Advanced Study in 2019.

After practicing law for two years, Piedmont joined the team at Tully Rinckey PLLC’s Syracuse office as a labor & employment and federal employment law attorney.

Piedmont said he began regular meetings with the firm’s CEO Michael Macomber in November 2021.

“This led to me being named ‘Office Leader’ of the Syracuse office,” said Piedmont.

A short five months later, Piedmont would be promoted again, this time to Managing Partner.

“It was obvious that Sabastian would be a key player on the Tully Rinckey team, which is why we promoted him to Managing Partner,” said the firm’s CEO Michael Macomber.

Syracuse office offers flexibility to young attorneys with hybrid workplace

As for Piedmont, he’s still “in awe” of the opportunity.

He said he’s looking forward to “being able to troubleshoot issues for others and educate them about the firm and its policies”- Another way to combine his education and legal experience.

Piedmont runs a flexible workplace and is looking to expand his team.

“I understand what new attorneys are going through, especially those who are looking for a change,” said Piedmont. “The past practices in the legal field of senior attorneys’ mistreatment of new hires and staff is something that I have always found uncomfortable.”

The Syracuse office, and Tully Rinckey as a whole, quickly recognize and reward hard work, a quality that other firms lack, according to Piedmont.

Many legal firms are losing their younger talent due to lack of recognition, he pointed out.

“They fail to recognize quality work in a timely manner,” he said.

But not at Tully Rinckey.

“I am fostering an environment that provides the work-life balance that young attorneys are seeking, and technology to foster the flexibility of a hybrid workplace,” explained Piedmont. “As Managing Partner, I want to continue to help attorneys continue to grow professionally, by adding like-minded individuals looking for an experience that is uniquely Tully Rinckey.”

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