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Pentagon under pressure to protect abortion access

Lawmakers and advocates are pressing the Department of Defense to protect access to abortion for servicewomen as the Supreme Court appears poised to overturn the landmark Roe v.…

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Military Attorney Sean Timmons Explains, “What Is a Military Divorce”

In 1999, Congress designated May, as Military Appreciation Month. According to, May was specifically selected because it’s the perfect time to honor the many…

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U.S. Military Risks a Decline in Female Troops Under Roe Rollback

U.S. troops could see their access to abortion severely curtailed if the Supreme Court overturns its landmark ruling on reproductive rights, potentially hurting military…

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Reversing Roe Would Harm Military Readiness, Abortion-Rights Advocates Warn

When Rachel VanLandingham was a lieutenant in the Air Force, she accompanied a female officer to a substandard medical facility in Seoul to get a “back-alley abortion.”…

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Nowhere safe to hide: What online harassment is doing to service members and the military

Sexual advances, crude jabs, attacks and even doxxing — a practice where a person’s personal information is leaked publicly on the internet — bombard service members,…

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The Navy Is Deputizing Doctors to Enforce Drug Rules Even for Those Seeking Mental Health Help

In the wake of reports that a Navy psychologist played an active role in convicting for drug use a sailor who had reached out for mental health assistance, the service is standing…

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How West Point is likely to deal with drug-overdosing cadets

Spring break might over, but the after effects linger for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Five cadets on spring break in Florida were hospitalized after ingesting what…

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Know The Risks Before You Go: United States Military Veterans Joining the Ukrainian Army May Run Afoul of Federal Law and/or Lose Benefits or US Citizenship

Since the Russian Federation launched a “Special Military Operation” on February 24, the news cycle has been around the clock nonstop coverage of heartbreaking mass atrocities…

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Navy to review thousands of ‘bad paper’ discharges

NORFOLK, Va. — Thousands of Navy and Marine Corps veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan received what are called “bad paper” discharges. But they’re…

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Will making sexual harassment an explicit crime help the military crack down? Experts say maybe

The Biden administration reiterated Congress’ decision to explicitly criminalize sexual harassment in the military through an executive order last week; however, the jury is…

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