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Army Doctor Whistleblower: One of My Patients Was Treated for Suicidal Thoughts After His COVID-19 Vax Exemption Was Rescinded

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, interviewed Maj. Samuel Sigoloff, an Army doctor dismissed from his position at the Bliss Army Health Center for signing exemptions for his soldier patients from the Pentagon’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. All of the medical exemptions he signed were rescinded.

Sigoloff told The Star News Network that one of his soldier patients whose exemption was rescinded was treated for suicidal thoughts after his exemption was pulled.

McCabe: Army Dr. Major Samuel Siglock was dismissed from his position as the medical director of the Bliss Army Health Center after his supervisors learned that he signed medical exemptions to the Pentagon’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Sigoloff told The Star News Network one of his soldier patients was treated for suicidal thoughts after his medical exemption to the vaccine was pulled.

Sigoloff: One of the patients that I provided a medical exemption for, he went to behavioral help for suicidal ideations the day that he was required, or he was allegedly mandated, to get this shot.

McCabe: The army doctor said this is one example why military leaders should not practice medicine without a license.

Sigoloff: This is why we don’t let non-healthcare professionals, licensed professionals, practice medicine.

McCabe: The major’s attorney, Sean Timmons, a partner at the firm Tully Rinckey, said his client was punished after he decided to raise the alarm about the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines and how the military runs the program.

Timmons: Major Sigoloff is a confirmed whistleblower. He has provided testimony to the United States senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, exposing the corruption in the vaccine rollout. And after providing his testimony to the United States Senate, he was faced with harsh, vindictive reprisal.

McCabe: Timmons, a former Army JAG officer, said the harassment of his client includes an extraordinary audit of his decade-long career as an army doctor.

Timmons: They’re auditing his entire life trying to make him miserable and have them submit and relent. And this ongoing excessive audit of his previous decision as a medical practitioner, to try to demonstrate his lack of capability, is a fraud, a scam, and it’s unlawful and illegal.

McCabe: Eventually, Sigoloff will be cleared and his supervisors punished, he said.

Timmons: This malicious prosecution he’s enduring will ultimately result in his exoneration. But in the meantime, they’re using every administrative process imaginable to, for lack of a better description, screw with him and make his life miserable, and try to ruin his army career.

We are fighting back against every element of this reprisal on every front imaginable. And this unlawful, disgusting behavior ultimately is probably going to get prosecuted by a new administration.

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