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Rep. Roy, Others Call for Ending Military COVID Vaccine Mandate

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The Pentagon’s own inspector general says the military moved too fast in denying religious exemptions from the COVID vaccine mandate, fueling calls by Texas Congressman Chip Roy and others to end the federal mandate altogether.

The Marines and Navy already have said those seeking exemptions will not be fired during court appeals, but Houston attorney Sean Timmons, a former Army Captain and JAG lawyer, says the military continues to target them in other ways.

“I’ve got a client in New Orleans. She was gone for a week to move her family out of toxic mold-infested housing, now they’re throwing her out of the Navy for ‘attempted desertion,’ which is absolutely ridiculous. But she also happens to be somebody who refused to get the vaccine and had a religious accommodation denied.”

Timmons says the vaccine mandate and other woke policies are ruining our combat readiness.

“Wokeism is not equal to national security protection. Wokeism is about destroying the foundation of our country because it’s inherently evil and should never existed,” he says. “So if we’re going to follow woke philosophy, we probably shouldn’t have a military.”

He says a complete restructure is needed to root out woke leaders.

“There’s a major need for a massive structural overhaul of the military when it comes to recruiting and retention, and continuation of just keeping it stable. One of those things is getting rid of all the general officers who have bought into the woke mentality.”

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