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Military COVID Vaccine Mandate Poses National Security Risk

The Pentagon still won’t drop its COVID vaccine mandate, potentially crippling the national guard and putting U.S. citizens at risk.

Houston attorney and former Army captain Sean Timmons represents nearly 200 soldiers across every branch of the military. He calls the vaccine mandate a recruiting nightmare.

“The military can’t recruit enough warm bodies to replace those who are leaving the service. In addition to that, we’re throwing out qualified individuals who we’ve invested a million dollars in training and qualification over hostility toward their request for a reasonable religious accommodation,” he says.

Timmons points out National Guard troops are used all over the world, but especially here at home during a disaster.

“You’re talking about putting us at-risk of more people dying of a hurricane or another natural catastrophe because guard individuals won’t be eligible to come participate in rescue operations.”

At this point, Timmons says the courts will have to decide whether active-duty soldiers have constitutional rights or not.

“It’s a fraud on the American people to say it is a legitimate vaccine. It is simply therapeutic medication. We don’t shove Tylenol down people’s throat absent their consent. We shouldn’t be forcing individuals to take medication in their bodies.”

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