Derrick Hogan at Tully Rinckey handled my case and I feel fortunate that he was my lawyer. I called to talk with someone about my case and by chance was connected with Mr. Hogan. He listened, asked good questions, and gave me all the information I could have asked for. He explained every step, what would or could happen in very clear and easy to understand terms. I was sent a retainer and explained the case would be covered by a flat fee, and that anything that came up in the future relating to the case would be fully covered by that fee. Although my case was probably one of the simpler, easier cases they handle, Mr. Hogan always made me feel that my case was important to him. He always urged me to call him if I had questions or wanted him to go over anything again. He even called me to follow up before I had to call him – something I find is rare with almost any professionals these days. He treated me with utmost courtesy and respect, was knowledgeable, and reassuring.