I am endorsing Allen A. Shoikhetbrod, attorney with Tully Rinckey law firm. When I first began working with Allen, I shared my apprehensions with him about attorneys doing the right thing in representing their clients. I was very distrustful of all attorneys and made sure Allen was aware of my personal feelings. I was a little taken aback when Allen did not strongly protest my lumping all attorneys in the same bag, instead, he focused his attention on the details of my case. I later realized, after working with Allen for a while, he used the best psychological tactic possible in responding to my statement, why verbally defend what I can outwardly show through my defense of the case. During the time that Allen represented me, he was professional, thorough, always kept me informed, meticulous about meeting deadlines, and exhibited an unparalleled dedication to achieving my desired outcome on my case. He was great at explaining the governing law and I believe his tenacity is what won my case.