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A global economy doesn’t necessarily make transacting international business any easier. If your company currently does business overseas or across the border of another country, or is contemplating doing so, you need legal representation that understands how international transactions and litigation are properly conducted.

The international business attorneys at Tully Rinckey PLLC represent both foreign and domestic clients in overseas and cross-border litigation matters. Our extensive experience in international business – across a wide variety of industries, and particularly in South America – gives us a clear edge in protecting your cross-border interests. Tapping into a considerable interdisciplinary knowledge base, our attorneys handle virtually all aspects of cross-border transactions.

We serve you in a number of international business areas, including:

  • Facilitating real estate and commercial transactions
  • Offering support for international taxation
  • Advising on private wealth protection and government relations
  • Structuring and financing acquisitions
  • Finding buyers for businesses

Our attorneys understand often-complex foreign regulations and offer specific tax planning strategies to help you optimize your investments in foreign markets, while remaining compliant with cross-border tax laws.

With so many complicated business structures worldwide, transactions inherently carry a high degree of risk. Our experience and knowledge allows us to employ innovative solutions that efficiently minimize your transactional risk. Extending our reach, we maintain a strong network of attorneys in almost all major commercial jurisdictions, which provides local assistance when transactions are either originated or settled outside the United States.

When disputes arise, we know how international and cross-border litigation works. Our trial-tested attorneys represent and defend the interests of your company, using the full resources of our firm to help you realize fair and just outcomes.

If your business competes in the international marketplace, the knowledgeable business law attorneys at Tully Rinckey can help you master all the legal challenges you face. Our worldwide network of connections and resources lets us to put you in the driver’s seat, making sure you comply with international regulations while optimizing your business opportunities and profits.

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