Correction of Military Records


If you are a former service member and believe that your military records contain either errors or  derogatory information that’s having a negative impact on your life, you may be able to apply to the Board for Corrections of your military branch to have this information corrected or removed. The assistance of an attorney with deep knowledge of military law can be invaluable in doing so.

Our military law team includes former JAG officers who are intimately familiar with military law and can provide you with in-depth advice and aggressive representation in your quest to have your military records corrected.

While there is a time limit on filing a request for a correction of military records, there are situations in which the board for corrections may consider a later request as a matter of addressing injustice. We can make sure your side of the story is heard and acted upon, giving you a better chance for success.

The experienced, committed attorneys at Tully Rinckey can help you set the record straight when it comes to your military service. We stand ready to fight for your interests.

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