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The court martial lawyers of Tully Rinckey provide aggressive and highly experienced representation for military legal problems at any U.S. military facility in the world.

Tully Rinckey has successfully represented clients worldwide in areas of military criminal law (courts-martial), administrative separation law, security clearance law, and correction of military records/discharge upgrades. We can handle most cases over the phone or we can fly to your location, worldwide.

Positive Urinalysis

When a member of the military tests positive on a urinalysis for illegal drugs, he/she will face adverse action which will very likely lead to the termination of his/her military career, as well as a possible federal conviction and confinement. There are several types of urinalysis, random, 100% unit test, command directed which must be based on probable cause and consent tests. Our Military Law team has defended and prosecuted hundreds of urinalysis cases over the years and will provide aggressive representation in a Courts-Martial or Administrative Separation action for a positive drug screen.

There are many reasons why you may have innocently tested positive for an illegal drug screen and you may have a valid defense. The most successful defenses are innocent ingestion or issues with the collection/testing process. In fact there was a problem several years back with the Fort Meade testing facility that led to several employees being terminated for cause. Moreover there may be an issue with the Government’s chain of custody which will result in the results being thrown out of court. If you have tested positive for drugs, it is crucial that you seek out competent legal advice from our court martial lawyers BEFORE you make any statements or accept Non-Judicial Punishment.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Greg Rinckey has litigated several cases in which his clients were wrongfully accused of “shaken baby syndrome.” Greg knows how to work with experts in the field of shaken baby syndrome. Greg also knows that often times there are other explanations for a shaken baby syndrome, i.e. a fall, blood condition, or even another family member. If you are accused of a crime against a child, invoke your article 31 rights and contact Tully Rinckey for a consult ASAP! Often times CID or NCIS will attempt to speak with your spouse, You should tell your spouse to not make any statements as well.

Sex Crimes in the Military

Our Military Law court martial attorneys team has represented hundreds of service members on charges of rape and sexual assault. Rape is an offense that if a person is convicted they may face a maximum punishment of life without possibility of parole. Over the years, the law has become very protective of the rights of the alleged rape “victim,” due to rape shield rules which significantly creates additional evidentiary hurdles for the defense lawyer in a rape or sexual assault trial. You need a court martial lawyer experienced in sex crimes. If you are accused of a sex crime call Tully Rinckey ASAP to set up a consult, don’t make any statements invoke your Article 31 rights.

Adultery in the Military

Adultery is still a crime under the UCMJ and is defined as having sexual relations with someone other your spouse, even if you are “legally separated”. Adultery is also committed if you are not married and have sex with a person who is married or even separated from their spouse. Aggravating circumstance occur if the person you have sex with spouse is deployed or in your unit. Usually adultery is not prosecuted under the UCMJ as a stand alone charge, it is usually added to other sex charges i.e. rape, sexual assault. However, the military will give you administrative punishment i.e. a letter of reprimand and this could end the career of a service member. If you have been accused of adultery call Tully Rinckey ASAP to set up a consult to learn your rights and defenses. Our Military Law court martial attorneys have defended numerous service personal charged with adultery and know the many defenses that apply to your situation.

Computer Crimes

Although the internet has made great changes in our lives, it has also brought into play a new area of criminal offenses that did not exist several years ago – internet crimes. Many people seem to believe that what they do on the internet, in the privacy of their homes, is no one else’s business; however, that is not the case. NCIS and CID are expending a tremendous amount of time investigating the use of the internet for offenses related to children. Our legal team has extensive experience in defending clients that have been apprehended after viewing and/or distributing child pornography in the secrecy of their homes. The Military is cracking down on cases related to the use of government computers for pornography as well and this offense can be a military career ender.

Our court martial attorneys have handled numerous offenses related to the internet. A conviction for these offenses can not only lead to the loss of a military career and significant confinement, but also require the person to be registered as a sex offender under federal and state sex offender registration laws. Thus you may have to register with you state of home record when you return home. We are well prepared to provide an aggressive defense to criminal charges related to the internet.

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