Free Webinar: Top 10 Questions Employees Ask About Wage and Hour Law


Knowledge is power! Know you rights as an employee. Employment law in New York is complex, dynamic, and always changing. 

Join this webinar to find out more about current developments in wage and hour law and how they affect you.

Topics Include:

  1. Am I entitled to meal breaks?
  2. Am I entitled to pay for times that I was “on call” but did not actually work?
  3. Am I entitled to paid sick leave?
  4. Am I entitled to a bonus which my employer promised would be given “if you do well this year”?
  5. Am I being paid at the correct frequency?
  6. Am I being paid overtime wages at the correct rate?
  7. Was I properly classified as “exempt” from overtime pay?
  8. Was I properly classified as an “independent contractor”?
  9. I am a tipped worker: Can my employer pay me below minimum wage?
  10. Is my 13-year-old child allowed to work?

How to Join:

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Chaya Gourarie

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Chaya Gourarie is a senior counsel at Tully Rinckey PLLC and focuses her practice on labor and employment law. She litigates all aspects of employer-employee relations, including hiring, compensation, classifications, accommodations, as well as internal investigations, disciplinary and termination activity. Ms. Gourarie also litigates claims of sexual harassment, employment discrimination, and wage-and-hour claims.