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TR Business Navigator: Operating Agreements and Bylaws

  Event Date:February 21, 2019 5:45 pm

Sharing responsibilities and setting tangible expectations are crucial to any team’s success, whether in sports or in business. Many successful sports programs at the college and professional levels have relied on express agreements between players, coaches, staff, and administrators to establish strict procedures, designate team leaders, create collective goals, and inform everyone of any disciplinary or remedial measures.

This concept is not novel; it is borrowed from business. Operating agreements and corporate bylaws establish a company’s procedures, designate its leadership structure, create a shared mission, and inform all members of the grounds for withdrawal, termination, or dissolution. Successful businesses and successful sports teams alike have been triumphant with transparent procedures, rules, and goals for their members – and have avoided catastrophe when faced with a loss, noncompliance, or other failures.

Join us on February 21st for a discussion with Daniel T. Kane, Director and Lead Counsel of the TR Business Navigator, where he’ll help attendees run through some important drills and work out the basics of operating agreements and bylaws.

Lite refreshments will be provided.

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