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Businesses are struggling to hire workers — and say Uncle Sam is to blame

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Workers are hard to find despite the vaccination rollout and a stubbornly high unemployment rate — and business owners say Uncle Sam is to blame.

It’s not just minimum wage jobs that are being shrugged off in the post-pandemic world, even as vaccinations give more people confidence to venture out again. Salaried office workers are also becoming hard to find, particularly for jobs earning less than $50,000 a year, sources said.

The Tully Rinckey law firm of Albany has five open positions for executive assistants, billing clerks and other support jobs paying anywhere from the low $40,000 range to just over $50,000, according to partner Mathew Tully.

Before the pandemic, these jobs would have been filled in under two weeks, Tully told The Post. The executive assistant job, which is being advertised for $45,000, has been unfilled going on six weeks.

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