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Controversial NY gun manufacturing law likely to be challenged

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(WBNG) — After New York’s latest controversial gun-rights bill, legal experts tell 12 News they expect another showdown in the courts.

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) signed into law a bill that will make it easier for people to sue gun manufacturers.

The governor’s office said the bill will allow these manufacturers to be held accountable in certain cases for violence committed with their products, even if the manufacturers themselves didn’t intend for harm.

Peter Pullano, a partner at the Tully Rinckey law firm, told 12 News the parallels between this new law and what’s happened with the opioid industry are remarkable.

“Just like the drug manufacturers made legal opiates that ended up illegally used and in the hands of the wrong people, that is what the gun manufacturers are being held to,” Pullano said.

He said specifically, manufacturers could be held liable if they’re found to be reckless or if they flooded the market with guns.

One major discrepancy Pullano made between opiates and guns is the Second Amendment, which he said will likely contain special protections that could complicate the case.

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