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How to Budget for Real Estate Attorney Fees When Selling a Home

December 9, 2020

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You won’t always need to hire an attorney when you sell a house. But if you’re going through a divorce, just inherited property, or resolving a complex title issue before closing, you might want to lawyer up. Foreclosure sales and transactions involving homes with major defects could also call for an attorney on the seller’s side. If the buyer has an attorney, you may be more comfortable moving forward with your own representation.

So how much does a real estate attorney cost? When you’re already racking up commission fees, transfer taxes, and other charges on your final sales bill — to the tune of 9%-10% of the property value — you’re hoping, wishing, praying that it’s not a fortune. We asked a few lawyers who specialize in real estate to find out firsthand so you can know what to expect, when payment will be due, and which services you’ll receive.

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