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Legal expert talks NY’s gun violence disaster emergency

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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a disaster emergency Tuesday over the issue of gun violence throughout the State of New York.

“Right now, the gun violence in the state, and especially New York City, is out of control. I mean, Times Square is almost like the O.K. Corral. Innocent people that are just walking in broad daylight are being shot,” said Tully Rinckey Founding Partner, Greg Rinckey who believes the Governor had to do something to address gun violence.

Tuesday, the Governor issued an executive order to proclaim gun violence a disaster emergency saying, “First it says to everyone in the state, ‘I want you to understand the extent of the problem. I want you to understand how serious this is.’ It then also allows us to move even faster and free up money and free up programs so we can get it on the street.”

Rinckey says it will give the Governor some emergency powers for funding when it comes to stemming gun violence, whether that’s programs for job opportunities or getting resources to hotspots.

The Governor also signed a bill to hold gun manufacturers accountable for negligent business practices.

“I think that that’s going to obviously be challenged in court. It’s very broad, this legislation, actually this whole declaration of an emergency is very broad. It speaks in generalities, and it’s not very specific on what it’s going to do, so yeah, there’s going to be legal challenges to part of it, absolutely,” Rinckey said.

Republicans have criticized the latest disaster emergency. Presumptive GOP nominee for Governor Lee Zeldin called the announcement “nonsense.” He says the state should,” Support police MORE, not LESS. Hire more cops. Repeal cashless bail. Keep qualified immunity. Defend the rights of law-abiding citizens and target criminals.”

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