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Schenectady swatting call under investigation

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SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Schenectady neighborhood was hit with a swatting call on Thursday that called out the entire police department. Schenectady Police Department Press Information Officer Nolan Carrol said, “Our dispatchers received a call that came out as a shooting, multiple people shot inside a residence.” He said that the call came in just before 1 p.m.

“It’s a big response and ultimately officers arrived on scene and were able to determine that it was a hoax.” Law enforcement officials always have to take these types of calls seriously and it puts neighboring departments on high alert said Officer Carroll. “A call of that circumstance is going to require the entirety of our department, mutual aid from other departments is necessary.”

Video from a neighbor’s house shared with NEWS10 reporter James De La Fuente shows officers blocking off Ray Avenue and Frank Avenue. Moments later in the video you can see officers leaving the house and heading back to their cars.

“Calls that come in like this, whether they’re a hoax or the real thing, everybody’s coming to make sure the public safety is the number one priority,” said Officer Carroll.

Partner Attorney, Michael Belsky with Tully Rinckey said there was not a whole lot the law could do about these calls.  “Under New York State Law this is basically called Falsely Reporting an Incident and that is only a third-degree misdemeanor in New York State. And that’s only up to 90 days in jail,” said the attorney.

But if someone got hurt, he said the time in jail goes up to a year.  He also told NEWS10 that the state must do more. “Make swatting a felony offense in New York State and that would be up to seven years in jail for making a swatting call,” stated Belsky.

State Assembly Member John McDonald said the state is taking action. “There is legislation that’s in the Codes Committee right now, that would basically raise the penalty from a misdemeanor to a felony. And therefore, if convicted you deserve more time,” said McDonald.

McDonald said the law is important, but he can’t promise that it will make it in this year’s round of legislation. “Unlike other countries we have freedom of speech. But we also should be reinforcing with individuals that we have the responsibility of speech, too. And I think that’s what’s the missing element in today’s society,” finished the Assembly Member.

There have been no arrests made and the call remains under investigation.

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