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Immigration Alert: Legislation Updates

Embassy and Consulate Visa Services Update:

The Department of State (DOS) has issued an updated advisory on the status of visa services as they slowly resume operations. The DOS has stated that they will be prioritizing U.S. Citizen services first, followed by Immigrant and Fiancée Visas as their highest priorities. In addition, the DOS will be providing additional services to remedy immigrants affected by the Trump Administration’s national origin bans. On the non-immigrant side, priority is being given to urgent travelers, foreign diplomats, mission critical travelers (defined as covid-19 health workers, food supply chain workers), then students, and “some temporary employment visas.” It is important to note that visa services are being provided post by post as in country conditions dictate, although emergency appointments generally exist although they are limited. The DOS also reminds travelers of the current travel restrictions:

“The three geographical COVID-19 Proclamations (P.P.9984, 9992, and 10143) remain in effect. These proclamations, with certain exceptions, place restrictions on visa issuance and entry into to the United States for individuals physically present in China, Iran, Brazil, UK, Ireland, South Africa, and the 26 countries in the Schengen area.”

Growing Support for Immigration Legislation in the Senate:

The Democrat’s slim majority in the Senate has meant that immigration reform legislation is largely dependent on outlying members of the party as well as moderate Republicans. Accordingly, it was notable that Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) stated this week he would support immigration laws that provide a path to citizenship, but only if they secure the border. This is a big boost for immigration reform, which was set to flounder unless a united Democrat senate was able to work with moderate republicans. The passage of any immigration related bill will likely be pushed back as the Senate and house will be likely focused on President Biden’s infrastructure proposal in the coming weeks.

HUD Withdraws Rule on Immigration Status of Recipients of Public Housing Assistance:

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has withdrawn a proposed rule, which would have required the agency to verify the immigration status of recipients of public housing assistance.

President Biden revokes Executive Order regarding members of the International Criminal Court:

President Biden has lifted the controversial restrictions against members of the International Criminal Court put in place by the Trump Administration. The restrictions included financial blacklists and immigration restrictions.

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