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Immigration Alert: New Travel Guidance for the US & the UK, Immigration Reform Efforts Fail Initial Review

US to allow vaccinated travelers under new travel guidance

After numerous stories circulated over the weekend the Biden Administration announced on Monday that they will be revising the covid-19 travel restrictions to allow fully vaccinated travelers to enter the United States. Although initially focused on European travel (including the UK and Ireland) there numerous travel restrictions in place including China, India, Iran, South Africa and Brazil. The Biden Administration announced that the change was part of a larger overhaul of international travel to ease restrictions. We are still waiting on the official confirmation, but the new rule is anticipated to go into force in early November.

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Immigration reform efforts fail initial review

Democratic efforts to include wide ranging immigration reform efforts into the Senate Budget proposal have been shot down by the Senate Parliamentarian. After presenting their case to the official the Parliamentarian concluded that the reform efforts were not budgetary in nature and interestingly found that the measures would be budget negative in a move that agreed with Republican opposition. Democratic leaders insist that the measure is not dead and that there is still a path for reform. Numerous immigration reform bills and legislative efforts remain in congress subject to partisan disagreement.

United Kingdom vaccine requirements for travelers spark outrage

The UKs latest update to their Covid-19 vaccination requirement for travelers has sparked outrage globally. In a lesson that the Biden Administration should take heed of, the UK government has issued a vaccine mandate that has been viewed as discriminatory in nature. According to the new rules travelers fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson shots in the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea or EU will be considered “fully vaccinated” and exempt from quarantine when they arrive in the UK. But travelers who have been fully vaccinated with the same vaccines in Africa or Latin America, including other countries such as India, will be considered “not fully vaccinated” and forced to quarantine for 10 days.

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