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Keeping Your Security Clearance After An Arrest

Individuals with security clearances, whether that be a Top Secret (TS), Top Secret–Special Compartmentalized Information (TS-SCI), or Secret, are obligated to disclose…

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Marijuana Investments: Will this cost you your security clearance and your career?

Over the last year, there has been a surge in interest in two distinct areas for the average citizen: marijuana and the stock market. Changes in many states’ laws have…

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Power Of Attorney Changes

Effective June 13, 2021, the New York State Statutory Short Form Durable Power of Attorney will be changing, both substantively, and with regard to execution requirements. To view…

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As COVID-19 Vaccinations Continue to Roll-Out, Vaccine Passports Are Considered for Reopening

As businesses start to reopen and employees return to the office, state governments and officials across the nation are starting to react in response to the implementation of…

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Comprehensive Look at How States Across the Country are Handling Reopening

As of early June 2021, approximately forty (40%) percent of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated and fifty (50%) percent received their first dose. State governors, the general…

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Can President Biden Lawfully Order Members of the Military to Take a COVID-19 Vaccine?

The short answer is yes: The President of the United States can order members of the military to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Don’t be fooled otherwise by secondhand information…

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Immigration Alert: U.S. System Overhaul & More

Revisions to the National Interest Exemptions The Department of State has released updated guidance regarding the National Interest Exemption process for travelers subject to…

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Obtain or Maintain Your Security Clearance Despite Engaging in Unfavorable Sexual Conduct

Many security clearance holders who work for or on behalf of the U.S. government are required to travel or be deployed overseas in support of U.S. missions. These temporary duty…

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How to Prevent an ROTC Disenrollment

No Cadet or Midshipmen joins the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) with the thought that they will face disenrollment. However, many can fall victim to losing their future…

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International Entrepreneur Parole Guide:

The International Entrepreneur Rule is back and although it never really got off the ground in its first form, the USCIS is accepting applications again. The International…

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