I was facing administrative discharge from the Navy within six months of my retirement date. I plead no-contest to a DV charge in a civilian court only to learn that the Navy viewed it as an admission of guilt which required mandatory Administrative separation. Hiring Sean Timmons was the best decision I made. He represented me at my Admin board and slaughtered the Gov. lawyer and case. He was very experienced, methodical and aggressive when he needed to be. The Gov. was out matched at every turn. Sean listened carefully to me during the case and made adjustments to quell my concerns. Being a former military lawyer, he knew the Gov. would come too strong and over confident which he planned to exploit to his advantage. This guy is a tactician! The Admin board consisted of One Senior enlisted, a Junior officer, and a Commander as board President. As a result of putting on a strong, air tight defense, we got a vote of 3-0 all in favor of retention and retirement! The board’s recommendation went to NPC for final approval and was returned with concurrence and approved retirement with full honors!!! Unbelievable!!!