My fifteen year military career was in jeopardy due to a looming Summary Courts Martial. The TDS attorney provided to me by the Army seemed like he could have done well, but soon I realized that he was overwhelmed with cases and could not give my case the attention (or any attention) that it deserved. So I branched out to find a civilian law firm that had experience with UCMJ. The small fee to speak to a partner was well worth it, and I was assigned the best lawyer I could ever have imagined, Sean Timmons. Mr. Timmons took complete ownership of my case, he went to work right away pushing the court date further so that he could build a strong case. Mr. Timmons is a true professional, the tenacity and attention to detail he provides is accompanied by his encouragement and reassurance to his client that everything will work out for the best. He drove to Fort Drum to represent me in my Summary Courts Martial and I received a FULL ACQUITTAL!!!! When deciding on whether or not spending money for a lawyer is worth it, there is no question in this case that this decision has saved me money in the long run, losing rank would have cost more than the small price to retain such an outstanding lawyer. I am forever grateful for what Mr. Timmons has done for me.