Sexual Offenses


Sexual offense charges are taken very seriously in the court system and can have a lifetime impact, even if you’re never convicted. A competent criminal attorney is critical to defending you and protecting your legal rights.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Tully Rinckey PLLC are prepared to provide you with aggressive representation in the court system. We evaluate your case, protect your rights, and may even be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Tully Rinckey attorneys have defended clients in a whole range of sexual offenses, including:

Conviction for an offense like rape or sexual assault can result in severe penalties, including:

A registry listing alone can have a devastating impact on nearly every aspect of your life, including your career and your ability to find housing.

The team of dedicated attorneys at Tully Rinckey consists of a former U.S. prosecutor, a former county court judge, and a former assistant district attorney and chief of the sex crimes/special victims bureau. We pledge high-quality legal representation at reasonable costs.

The trial-tested attorneys at Tully Rinckey protect your legal rights and fight aggressively to defend you from charges of sexual offense. Working tirelessly from discovery through appeal, we help you realize a fair outcome of your case. Let us defend you today.

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