Potential Penalties in Albany

The penalties for these charges range from minor jail terms or even simply probation for a misdemeanor level offense to life imprisonment for serious accusations of rape.
The court may also require people convicted of sex crimes to register as a sex offender upon release from jail. This can affect every aspect of a person’s life from employment opportunities to where they can live.

Because of the harsh penalties associated with sex crimes, it is vital that anyone facing these allegations work with our team of passionate defense lawyers.

What is Considered a Sex Crime?

In general, a sex crime is any act that violates a person’s body in a sexual way. This can range from the classic idea of a sexual assault to less severe inappropriate touching accusations.


The most serious type of sex crime is rape. Rape in the First Degree is defined in New York Penal Code §130.35. It states that Rape in the First Degree is any instance of sexual intercourse that is achieved through force, is committed against a physically helpless person, or is committed against a child under the age of eleven.

Criminal Sexual Act

Criminal Sexual Act is also a serious accusation. These involve any sort of sexual conduct short of sexual intercourse. Just as with rape, the severity of the charge is determined by the identity of the alleged victim and the use of force.

  • Criminal Sexual Act in the Third Degree is when someone engages in sexual conduct with a person without their consent, who is incapable of consent, or who is younger than seventeen years old if the accused is older than twenty-one. Criminal Sexual Act in the Third Degree is considered a class E felony.
  • Criminal Sexual Act in the Second Degree is when the accused is eighteen years or older and engages in a sexual act with someone younger than fifteen, or when someone engages in a sexual act with another who cannot consent due to mental disability. This is a class D felony.
  • Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree is when someone forces another into a sexual act, or engages in a sexual act with another who is physically helpless, is younger than eleven, or when the accused is older than eighteen and the alleged victim is younger than thirteen. Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree is a class B felony.
Forcible Touching

Forcible Touching is an example of a misdemeanor level sex offense. This is defined in New York Penal Code §130.52 as any forcible touching of another person for the actor’s sexual gratification. Alternatively, this can include any touching of a person while on a form of public transit, regardless of the use of force.

Let an Albany Sex Crimes Lawyer Defend You

An Albany sex crimes lawyer can represent you in court and fight back against your charges. We are ready to use our decades of experience to help protect your rights.

Whether a person’s objective is to come to a fair plea deal in the hopes of avoiding a harsh sentence or they need to fight the charges at trial, an Albany sex crimes attorney can help. Our team can work to conduct an independent investigation into the accusations, interview witnesses, and dispute evidence in court to give those facing sex crimes charges the best possible chance of a positive outcome. Contact us today at 518-218-7100 or by emailing info@tullylegal.com to schedule your free consultation.

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