Who is Covered by Title IX?

Title IX is a short statute, but courts and administrative agencies typically interpret it quite broadly, giving it a wide application to many areas of educational life and student interactions.

Skilled Title IX lawyers in Albany understand that the statute protects both women and men, staff members and students, pregnant individuals and parents in a range of educational institutions—including K-12 schools, technical institutions, colleges and universities, and even libraries and museums.

Though Title IX is often seen as relating to equality in sports, the statute actually requires gender equality in every possible aspect of education and all educational institutions receiving federal funds. This includes not just athletic programs but also academics, admissions, and disciplinary proceedings. It is also involved in protecting individuals from sexual harassment and sexual violence on campus.

Penalties Schools May Face for Title IX Violations

In the most severe scenario, a school found to be non-compliant with Title IX can lose all federal funding. However, this kind of extreme punishment is generally not doled out. Instead, non-compliant schools are typically required to pay substantial damages as well as attorney’s fees when Title IX cases are found valid in court.

How a Title IX Lawyer in Albany Could Help

At Tully Rinckey, our Albany team of attorneys knowledgeable in Title IX laws are available to represent anyone who believes that an educational institution violated their rights under the statute. This includes but is not in any way limited to:

Student defendants accused of sexual assault or/and a violation of their educational institution’s code of conduct. We help these students and their families navigate the school’s complex disciplinary investigation and hearing procedures.
Students who bring a claim against another student, staff member, or the university and believe that their claim is being (or has been) improperly investigated or handled.
Faculty and staff members—or students who also work as teaching assistants or in related positions—who make a claim of sexual harassment or discrimination against an educational institution in an employment context (i.e. denial of promotion due to gender or sexual identity).
Coaches, players, and other parties who file a claim against an educational institution in an athletic context (for example, female players who are denied access to training facilities, or female coaches who are paid less than male coaches).
Once a student makes a complaint of harassment or sexual assault against another, schools almost always begin an often-complex disciplinary process. Investigations, hearings, sanction boards, student panels, and administrators may all get involved to determine if any party violated the school’s Code of Conduct.

Common potential penalties when a student is found “responsible” for a violation range from loss of student housing to full-year suspensions to expulsion. Our Albany Title IX lawyers regularly represent students accused of such violations and could offer a zealous defense against such allegations.

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Anyone in an educational institution setting who believes they are the victim of sexual discrimination may bring a claim under Title IX. Contact an Albany Title IX lawyer from Tully Rinckey today to discuss the specifics of your case in detail and learn more about your rights.

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