Violent Crime Convictions in Syracuse

A conviction for a violent felony always carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of one and a half years and may result in a life sentence for the most serious accusations. When facing any charge involving violence, it is arguably essential for you to obtain powerful and diligent representation—something the legal team at Tully Rinckey PLLC is available to help you with.

Differentiating Violent Crimes from Other Allegations

In simple terms, a violent crime is one that is likely to result in bodily injury to another person. To use a basic example, an assault with a dangerous weapon is a violent crime because it involves inflicting bodily injury on another person.

However, the definition of a violent crime is strictly controlled by the law. In fact, New York Penal Law provides an exact list of what crimes are considered “violent felonies”. Within this definition, there are four subclasses, each with their own potential penalties for conviction.

Classes of Violent Crimes

The least serious violent offenses in Syracuse are class E felonies. New York Penal Law §70.02(1)(d) contains a list of these offenses. Although there are comparatively minor charges, these offenses do carry a mandatory prison sentence of at least one and a half year. The maximum penalty here is four years in prison.

Class D felonies are next in line. NYPL §70.02(1)(c) states that the available sentences here range from two to eight years in prison, and potential qualifying offenses include Stalking in the First Degree, Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Third Degree, and Rape in the Second Degree.

Class C felonies are even more serious. According to New York Penal Code §70.02(1)(b), these can include Aggravated Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree, Assault on a Police Officer, and Robbery in the Second Degree, and potential jail sentences range from three and a half up to twenty years.

Finally, class B the most serious violent felonies. Under New York Penal Code §70.02(1)(a), you may face a minimum prison sentence of five years if convicted on such a charge, and the maximum penalties rise to as much as 30 years for some offences. Examples of these crimes include Robbery in the First Degree, Sex Trafficking, and Manslaughter in the First Degree.

How a Syracuse Violent Crimes Attorney Could Help

The key things to remember about violent felony accusations is that a conviction will always carry a prison sentence. In addition, you will be marked as a felon for the rest of your life. Because of these harsh repercussions, it is vital that you take steps to protect yourself. To that end, a Syracuse violent crimes lawyer could fight for you by working to analyze the State’s case for weaknesses and exploit those weaknesses in court.

By performing an independent investigation of the incident, arguing evidence motions in court, and cross-examining the State’s witnesses at trial, the attorneys at Tully Rinckey PLLC may be able to give you a better chance for a positive outcome. Call today at 8885294543 or email for more information.

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