Title IX Complaints

In Syracuse, both students and school faculty have the right to make a Title IX complaint. However, the reporting process for students and employees may be slightly different depending on the university at which the alleged violation occurs.

Employees or students who would like to file a complaint typically report any sex-based discrimination or nonconsensual sex crimes to the university’s human resources department. Regardless of your identity, a Syracuse Title IX attorney can help determine the best way to file a claim given your situation, and walk you through the process every step of the way.

A guilty finding in a school’s internal investigation often results in suspension or expulsion at minimum and may potentially include fines and criminal penalties. Therefore, if you are facing accusations of a Title IX violation yourself, your best first move is often to contact legal assistance who could help you strategize how to respond to allegations and defend your interests. Talk to a seasoned Title IX lawyer in Syracuse to learn more.

Confidentiality in Title IX Cases

In many cases, a student would like to make an anonymous complaint and keep their identity hidden throughout a Title IX investigation. In order to respect the wishes and privacy of those who suffer from sexual discrimination or harassment, universities in Syracuse will honor requests for confidentiality if possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes maintaining a student’s confidentiality may prevent the university from conducting a thorough investigation and resolving the complaint effectively, or prevent an investigation from happening at all. Furthermore, if the campus community is deemed to be in danger, the university may be required to deny a request for confidentiality in order to protect its students, faculty, and staff.

Title IX Protections Against Retaliation

It is important to note that Title IX protects students against retaliation for making a Title IX allegation. This means that even if the school must break confidentiality, they are required to prevent other students or faculty from retaliating against the student who reported the incident. Retaliation may be prevented by no-contact orders, changes in academic schedules, or residential relocation.

Contact a Syracuse Title IX Attorney Today

If you are a student, professor, university staff member, or athletic coach who would like to pursue a Title IX complaint in Syracuse, you may benefit greatly from having a knowledgeable attorney on your side. In the same vein, if you were accused of such a violation or involved in an investigation regarding one, our experienced legal team could provide steadfast assistance and support.

While Title IX investigations are not criminal investigations, there are still many legal options you may have to consider. Call 8885294543 or email info@tullylegal.com to get in touch with a Syracuse Title IX lawyer from Tully Rinckey PLLC.

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