Understanding Fraud Penalties in Syracuse

The penalties for fraud vary greatly depending on the nature and severity of the deception. For example, the act of issuing a bad check is a class B misdemeanor under New York Penal Law §190.05. The maximum penalty here is three months in jail, but this is a rare outcome.

Offenses Involving Fraud in Syracuse

In general, a fraud occurs when a person acts in a way that is designed to deceive another and, in doing so, deprives them of something of value. Criminal fraud specifically involves any sort of deception against another party that has a financial or legal consequence. Many such acts are labeled explicitly as fraud under the law, while others are called something else but are still related to fraud.

There is no specific section of New York Penal Law that allows the state to charge a person with general “fraud;” rather, the state has codified numerous examples of illegal fraudulent activity. Whenever the court charges a person with some type of fraud, it must do so under these specific statutes.

The Range of Potential Punishments

By contrast, courts in Syracuse consider large-scale fraudulent schemes to be felony-level offenses. If you were to face allegations of insurance fraud in the excess of one million dollars in value under NYPL §176.30, the minimum sentence for a conviction would be one year in prison and an order to repay all money taken.

Any allegation of fraud is a serious matter. Even minor misdemeanors can result in a jail sentence for a conviction and the creation of a criminal record. If you are facing such charges, a fraud lawyer in Syracuse could help you approach the situation seriously and construct a powerful defense.

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Allegations of fraud in New York could involve a number of different allegations ranging from felonies to misdemeanors. Even if the statute itself is not labeled expressly as fraud, the term encompasses any activity that a person can take with the intent to deceive another out of their money or property.

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